Novel Dreams

“Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.”

― Marsha Norman

30 Days of Tamora Pierce Day 13


The part that made you want to throw the book at the wall

Mastiff. The Thing. You know. I tried to come up with so many ridiculous scenarios when I was first reading it so that none of them would be the traitor… like what if someone put magic on Beka and she was doing it without knowing? That is a legit idea I had. But no. You had to do the thing, Tamora. You just had to do the thing. 


I noticed something while reading Terrier again. There is such a wide variety of characters and reactions throughout Tamora Pierce’s books, it’s fascinating to me when I notice the little differences between them. When Beka goes to visit her family after her first week as a Dog, her sisters are uncomfortable and embarrassed around her. This is despite the fact that women are half of the Provost’s Guard, showing that is is a perfectly acceptable line of work for woman. Also, I doubt there is another house in all of Tortall where it is more encouraged than in the house Beka and her family were raised in. Yet, Diona and Lorrine are uncomfortable with Beka, don’t defend her when others belittle her, and argue with her about it later.

Now, think about Kel’s sisters. We only see them once or twice throughout the entire series, but they are (unobtrusively and unconditionally) supportive of Kel. When surprised by her presence, in a situation where it would be detrimental, they do not blame Kel. They explain why it’s a bad situation, blame the bigots entirely, and are even apologetic. When a nearby noblewoman makes nasty comments, they instantly come to Kel’s defense. The narration often mentions unkind comments to Kel from the women of her family, but it’s never her sisters, it the sisters-in-law. It even appears that her sisters plan revenge on her antagonizer. All this is in spite of the fact that Kel is bucking societal norms and many, if not most, of society is disparaging her.

Three cheers for the ladies of Mindelan, each and every one.


31 Questions for Tortall Read-a-Thon - Favourite Tortall Series

One of the easiest questions, to be honest! Protector of the Small wins, hands down. It wasn’t the first TP quartet I read or even the first Tortall one. First Test & Page might have been some of the very earliest TP books I read, but I honestly can’t remember now. I do remember that it took me a damned long time to track down and read Squire… and then once I’d found that it took ages to find Lady Knight again!

I finally was given the full quartet - the editions you see above - for Christmas one year, which was delightful. By the time I was given them, I had read Lady Knight most recently… but the rest of them it had been probably a couple years, at least.

Why this series over all the others? I’m not entirely sure. Partly it might be the writing being better than SotL and The Immortals. But there’s also the simple fact that something resonates with me with this series and these characters. Squire is possibly my all time favourite novel, let alone favourite TP or Tortall book. I never knew how to answer those “who is your hero” questions in school when I was younger, but I think Kel is probably the closest thing I have.

[Note: These are apparently for the read-a-thon, but I’m not doing the read-a-thon mostly because I’m far too busy with school to do so. I’ll take any excuse to talk about Tortall and Tammy books though!]